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Measuring Instruments & Testers

Measuring Technology Universal 

  • Voltage Quality Energy Power
  • Field Measuring Systems , Cable Detection Devices
  • Resistance Thermometers / Clip on Measuring Instruments
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Analog Multimeters
  • Multimeter Accessories
  • Calibrators
  • Temperature Measuring Instruments

Testing Technology Electrical

  • Testing Electrical Installations and Equipment (installed)
  • Testing Electrical Devices (portable)
  • Testing Electrical Machinery
  • Earthing, Insulation, Low- Resistance
  • Workshop Test Panels
  • AS Interface Test Instruments

Power Supplies

  • Laboratory Power Supplies
  • Electronics Loads


Software for

  • Measuring Instruments
  • Test Instruments
  • Power Supplies



Industrial Measuring & Control Technology

Measuring Technology Industrial

  • Measuring Transducers for  Temperature and DC Quantities
  • Measuring Transducers for Heavy current Quantities
  • Measuring Transducers for Angle of Rotation and Position
  • DC Signal Isolators, Isolating Transformers
  • Power Packs, Mounting Racks
  • Isolating Switch Amplifiers , Isolating Amplifiers
  • Valve Control Modules, Limit Value Indicators
  • Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers
  • Ex i Equipment

Energy Management

  • Energy Meters, Summators, Additional Components
  • Power- Energy Voltage Quality Load Optimizing
  • ECS Energy Control System
  • Energy Management Engineering