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Flow Switches - Sensors

weber captor

Flow Switch

Flow Sensors based on the Calorimetric Principle for liquid and pasty media.

The Calorimetric Principle is a means of monitoring flow rates through thermal energy dispersion. The weber captor sensors are compact, precise, rugged and very reliable

  • For liquid media
  • For air and gaseous media with large measuring range up to 30 m/s
  • Insertion and inline version
  • Separate adjustment of range and set point
  • Analog display of flow rate and set point
  • High accuracy even under low flow conditions
  • Usable for high temperatures
  • High pressure resistance
  • Inline version for small diameters
  • Rugged industrial design in stainless steel
  • High class protection IP 67
  • Standard industrial connector M12x1
  • Suitable for AC and DC electric power supply
  • Analog output 4-20 mA

Applications : Environmental Cooling Systems (ECS), Oil Cooling Systems, Pulverized Coal Flow Detection, Agitation Detection, Monitoring Product Flow for Pump Protection, Water Flow Monitoring, Hot Metal Detection, Radar Air Cooling Systems 







weber captor - Products

weber captor - Applications

Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

  • For conductive mediums

  • For pipes dia 2mm.2000mm

  • For liquid dosing

  • Accuracy up to 0,25 %

  • Output  0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus,  pulses  and relay contacts

  • Operating temperature up to +200 C

  • Water and wastewater industry

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Explosion prof


Mass Flow Meters 

Corriolis flow measurement

  • For liquids and gasses

  • For pipes dia 1,5mm.150mm

  • Measurement of liquid supply, density ,temperature and flow of 2 components

  • Accuracy up to 0,1 %

  • Output  0/4-20 mA, HART, Profibus, Modbus,  pulses  and relay contacts

  • Operating pressure up to 400 bar

  • Operating temperature up to +180 C

  • Food and beverage industry

  • Explosion prof






Oil Meters

  • Direct and differential measurement

  • With tread or flange connection

  • Total and subtotal volume in m3,lt ,US gallons 

  • Flow rate per min ,hour

  • Mechanical or electronic counter

  • Signal output for volumetric pulses , flow rate, limit switch

  • Nominal diameter up to DN 50

  • Continuous flow rate Qn (l/h) up to 20.000

  • Max burner capacity up to 200000 kW

  • Max temperature 180 C

  • Max pressure 25 bar

  • For heating oil, light or medium, heavy fuel oil, Diesel

Aqua Metro

For Burners

 Direct Measurement

 Differential Measurement


Direct Measurement

Special Products

Diesel locomotives

Direct Measurement

Differential Measurement

Special Products

Water Meters

  • Direct reading by 5 numerical rolls

  • For cold water operating temperature up to 30 C

  • For hot water operating temperature up to 90  C

  • Mechanical transmission

  • Nominal diameter from 15 to 500 mm



For water supply systems

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Nominal flow rate Qn/Q3 m3/h from 2,5-25 to 40 -1400

  • Nominal diameter from 15-50 to 50-150mm

For industrial plants - cold water

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Nominal flow rate Qn m3/h from 1,5-15 to 20 -250

  • Nominal diameter from 15-50 to 30-300mm

For industrial plants - hot  water

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Nominal flow rate Qn m3/h from 1,5-15 to 15 -600

  • Nominal diameter from 15-50 to 40-300mm

  • Operating temperature up to 200 C


Aqua Metro

Water Supply System

Domestic Heating

Industrial Plant

   Cold Water

    Hot Water

Open Channel Flow Measurement System


The system comprises a control unit and a 4-20mA,HART loop powered ultrasonic transmitter.

  • Calculates flow in an open channels in accordance with BS3680 Pt. 4, ISO14381/1 and ISO4359

  • OCF calculation for Parshall flumes

  • Clear local back lit display of instantaneous, daily totalised and cumulative flow

  • On-board logging of up to 7200 flow values and 365 daily flow rates

  • Current output can be proportional to instantaneous flow rate or to a rolling average of flow over a user defined averaging period

  • Relays can be allocated as flow rate alarms or may be selected as a pulse output to an external totaliser



Open Channel Flowmeters use a non-contacting level measurement reading and mathematical algorithms to provide continuous flow monitoring of flumes, weirs or channels. The system is a combination of a Probe - loop powered ultrasonic transmitter for level/volume/flow monitoring of liquids and a ultrasonic level controller for open channel flow monitoring.


  • Continuous level measurement up to 12 m (40 ft) range

  • Programming using infrared Intrinsically Safe handheld programmer, SIMATIC PDM or HART® Communicator

  • Communication using HART or PROFIBUS PA

  • Level to volume or level to flow conversion

Ultrasonic transmitter

  • Digital input for back-up level overide from point level device

  • Communication using built-in Modbus RTU via RS-485

  • Differential amplifier transceiver for common mode noise reduction and improved signal-to-noise ratio

  • Level, volume and flow measurements in open channels, differential control, extended pump control and alarm functions