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Disatac tachometer for turbocharger

The Disatac system consists of  the magnets , the pickups, the electronic unit and the meter.

Pickups and magnets in the 72 Series (2 & 4 pole versions)

  • Full scale range : Between 4,000 RPM and 100,000 RPM

  • Minimum speed of rotation : 500 RPM

  • Material : Anodised aluminium

  • Internal resistance: 2800 Ohm for 2-pole version and 900 Ohm for 4-pole version

Pickups and magnets in the 72K Series (multpole version)

  • Full scale range: Between 3,600 and 600,000 pulses/min., e.g. for a six hole disk between 600 RPM and 100,000 RPM, depending on type
  • Material: Anodised aluminium, stainless steel

  • Internal resistance: 1200 Ohm

  • Connectors: UHF twin type, SO-264

  • Maximum cable length : 25 m (pickup/electronic unit)

  • Minimum measurable speed: The minimum RPM measurable depends on the type of armature and the pickup armature configuration 

DISATAC Magnet 72C21

DISATAC Pickup 72C08

DISATAC Electronic Unit 72B30


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