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Oil Mist Detectors

For more than 35 years now, SCHALLER Automation is well experienced in the protection of large Diesel and Gas engines in marine and land based use against crankcase explosions by the detection of oil mist with the well proven VISATRON Oil Mist Detection system.

Product Range

1) Visatron VN 87 Series

There are 3 options of the system.


The VN 115/87 system acts like a switch. When a dangerous oil mist concentration is detected an alarm signal is released and provided to the ship’s alarm and safety system


The VN 116/87 system works like the VN 115/87 and also is provided with the option of location the side of the engine where the dangerous concentration has occurred.


The VN 215/87 system acts in the same way as the above but with the capability to locate the single engine compartment where the dangerous concentration has occurred.



VN 87 Series

2) Visatron VN 93 Series


The Visatron VN 93 Series is an advanced generation of the VN 87 Series and has the same base separation VN 115/93,VN 116/93 and VN 215/93 but with more  options  such as shortest response time, RS 485 interface for data transmission and 2 *4 numeric display for values and statues. Also the system offers simplest and quickest service in case of repair due to the modular construction.   


VN 93 Series

3)Remote Control Unit ReCon DS 23 (For VN 93 Series)

The Remote Control Unit ReCon DS 23 is  designed to be installed e.g. in the engine control room, the remote control unit enables viewing and logging of real-time information  gathered from the connected VISATRON Oil Mist Detectors.


The ReCon DS23 allows the connection of max. 16 pcs. VISATRON Oil Mist Detection systems.

4)Visatron Remote Indicator II (For VN 87 & VN 87-plus,VN 93)

The Remote Indicator II allows the safe remote monitoring of the oil mist concentration from outside the engine room e.g. from the engine control room.


In use with a VN93 or VN87plus, it is possible to monitor the relative opacity and the state of one OMD device similar to the OMD display. The connection to the VN93 and VN87plus units is realized by a RS485 two-wire bus.


Optional the Remote Indicator II can be connected to a VN87-EMC unit. This connection to theVN87-EMC is realized as a two-wire analog interface. If a VN87-EMC is connected to the Remote Indicator II, the device monitors only the oil mist concentration and not the state of the OMD device.

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