New Products


Marine Industry

ZelenTech ZT100 Water In Oil Monitor

The ZelenTech ZT100 Water In Oil Monitor is an on-line device designed to accurately measure water in oil for any ship application.



Oil & Gas Industry

ZelenTech ZT100  Water Cut Monitor

The ZT100 Water Cut Monitor is designed to provide reliable water content readings in any hydrocarbon, and primarily aimed at Crude Oil applications.





Schaller Automation Oil Mist Detector

VISATRON ® Series VN/87 plus

Schaller Automation GmbH & Co.KG schedules to release to the market in April 2008 a new Oil Mist Detection System VISATRON ® ,the VN/87 plus Series. The VN/87 plus will replace the VN/87.


The VN/87 plus, offers the following new features:


  • Heater and scavenging air system is integrated into the measuring head housing


  • Pre Alarm available, threshold is fixed to 70% of main alarm level


  • Serial interface for monitoring devices (as required by IACS)


  • Easier access to switches and wire break resistors


  • Modified error codes



Interchangeability of series VN/87 plus with VN/87


The VN/87 plus system and measuring head is completely compatible and interchangeable with the VN 87


Spare Part availability for series VN/87


The mechanical dimensions and the electrical interface of both systems VN/87plus and VN/87 are identical.

Schaller Automation GmbH & Co.KG guarantees the availability of spare parts for all the units of VN/87.

                                                  VN 215/87         VN 215/87plus

Order acceptance series VN/87 plus :  

from January 2008

Start of delivery of new series VN/87 plus :

from April 2008

Acceptance of last order VN/87:

31 August 2008

Delivery of last VN/87 :

ca. November 2008

UWT - Electromechanichal Level Measuring System 

Nivobob® NB 3000

The Nivobob® NB 3000 is an electromechanic level measuring instrument for continuous measuring of level or volumes in silos, hoppers or tanks.

It provides extremely reliable measuring results in solids as well as in interface applications.

Applicable for industries such as : Chemistry , Food ,Cement, Mining, Plastics and Others

Nivobob® offers AC and DC supply voltages, different output signals and programmable relays. The system has the ability of Remote Control and programming.

The measuring range is up to 40m with variety of sensor weights.

The system has approvals for Hazardous Locations, ATEX II 1 / 2 D (Zone 20/21).

Note: The system Nivobob® NB 3000  replaces the system SLS-3000 which is no longer produced . Spare parts for the SLS will be available for 7 years


Nivobob® NB 3000

                  Interior View                                    Technical Data

Electronic chamber


Rope / Tape chamber







:Aluminium IP 66


:ATEX II 1/2 D

FM Class II, III Div. 1 Gr. E-G


:-35 C up to +250 C


:max. +0.3 bar / optional +1.7 bar


:Dependant on sensor weight / adjustable

Supply  voltage

:98-250V AC 50-60 Hz

20-28V DC

Process connection

:Flange, dimensions according DN100, PN16 or ANSI 4“

Threaded connection 1 “ and 3“

Measurement distance

:max. 30m rope version

max. 40m tape version

UWT- Nivobob® NB 3000